We aim to provide focused and purposeful skills upliftment to the construction industry’s sales and marketing workforce. We strive to uplift and upskill workers, stimulating business and driving economic growth through innovative interventions in the current disruptive business environment.

What makes Knowbility so different?

Project selling is about creating awareness of your products and the benefits that their use can bring to a project. Knowbility will train your specification and sales team on the following elements:

Specification Strategy


A strong specification strategy that will focus the sales team in the right areas and provide return on investment. 

Industry Sectors


Focus on sectors where the benefits of your product will be best received and specification is most likely to hold firm. 

Key Players


Identify the key players in your target sectors and creating awareness of your product with them. 

Decision Making Unit


Create awareness of your product among all members of the Decision Making Unit to ensure specifications are approved by all.

Trusted Advisor


Speak the specifiers’ language and be approachable as trusted advisor to the decision makers. 

Product Benefits NOT Price


Be clear on what differentiates your product from the competition and be able to justify its specification.

Course Catalogue

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What the Spec?

The essential overview course provides the learner an in-depth knowledge to the construction industry, specification sales and marketing channel in South Africa.

Professional Specification Sales

The intermediate course focuses on strategic construction specification sales tactics and marketing methods. Building on their current experience base to take it to the next level.

Digital Specification Sales

The digital course for the sales and marketing professional in the construction industry will equip the learner with the latest tools and trends to enhance their current productivity and skills.

Internal Sales

An industry relevant, in-depth course designed for staff operating in an environment where it is important to satisfy immediate customer requirements and to maximise revenue with each customer.

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