Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are valuable tools to engage with an organisation’s greatest asset: its customer. A thorough and professionally executed customer survey is designed to answer questions related to:

Honest Feedback


On areas that require improvement and areas where the business is excelling. 

Relationship Management


Ascertain a customer’s desire to continue working with your brand and loyalty towards the brand. 

Consolidated Feedback


Allow you to free up your resources while still ensuring that you receive comprehensive market feedback. 

How can KSL help?

At KSL we offer flexible survey options. Surveys are strategically crafted and conducted by a trained expert who is able to extract information that can be used as base to improve organisational standards and performance.


Surveys conducted over email to your customer base.

When the brand requires essential feedback. Surveys could be done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


Surveys conducted over telephone to your customer base.

When the brand requires essential feedback with a guaranteed response rate.

Dealer Pulsometer

A monthly survey of your distribution network to:

  • Quantify market sentiment to brand
  • Monitor the effect of service improvement efforts
  • Identify areas of improvement.

Customise frequency, target market and intent.

E.g. – New product strategy and go-to-market launch monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I obliged to share all of my customer data with your team?

As a company, you remain in control of the amount of information you are willing to share with our team. In most instances the amount of information shared is driven by what you wish to achieve from the survey. The extent of the feedback reported following, the survey will be determined by the amount of information shared.

The overall consensus from my sales team is our customers are generally happy. How will you gauge with these customers to obtain positive and negative feedback?

Our surveys are conducted by a team of trained internal service consultants, who are experienced in drawing out underlying information regarding their sales experience and not simply asking a range of generic questions. Our reporting details the positive as well as the negative feedback. The negative feedback is reported in a discreet manner as agreed upon by you.

We have had many of clients for decades and are completely aware of their perception of the company? What information could your survey unearth?

The nature of a business relationship hinders the ability to provide honest raw feedback due to fear of risking the relationship or jeopardising an employee. Customers are more likely to provide honest feedback to an objective party who they do not have any relation to.  The report is also a great tool to present to top management or key stakeholders as a trusted source.

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