Technical Sales Tools

We are your outsourced partner offering the in-depth knowledge, dedication and commitment of an in-house technical sales tool development team. As experts in the industry, we take a holistic approach to ideate and create technical sales tools to strengthen and support your specification sales offer.

How can KSL help?

Technical product literature is more than just marketing fluff; it is a pre-requisite in successfully completing a construction project. It has the ability to create a lasting impression that could have your product higher up on the shelf.

Modern day project professionals need information readily available irrespective of the day or time. To meet these discerning needs it is pivotal for a company to have information readily available, current and user friendly.

Save Time


We save you time by project managing this task for you. During our systematic approach we formalise technical specification tools across product segment and category, eliminating administrative clutter and increasing salesperson interaction. 

Expert Knowledge


As experts in the industry we take a holistic approach to ideate and create technical sales tools to strengthen and support your specification sales offer. Following this we standardise these documents in accordance with industry guidelines to facilitate professional use. 

Maximise Opportunities


In the construction industry, accuracy is critical, prompting the need to have precise and practical technical specification documents in place. As part of our drive to ensure our customers are maximising their available resources, we also refresh documents to meet current professional requirements. 

Let’s grow your business, together.

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What our clients say

“Thank you Knowbility for helping us convert our CAD drawings to REVIT models. This is the perfect addition to our website driving specification business. Your expert knowledge and understanding of the industry helped fast track the project. We were impressed by the quality service and quick turnaround time. The customer service was seamless and excellent, and we look forward to utilising your services again soon. LecicoSA highly, highly recommends Knowbility.”
Sonia Magni – LecicoSA

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my company do a sales tool audit?

A sales tool audit will ensure your company remains abreast to the benchmarks set by identified competitors in the market, thereby enforcing the changes needed to keep up with the trends and provision of relevant information.

What will happen with the current sales tools used by my company?

As a consultancy we are not here to reinvent the wheel. Our aim is to understand our clients’ goals and match this against the resources available, following which we provide workable solutions and recommendations that are in alignment with the organisations brand and ethos. Ultimately we allow our client to make the best decision for their company; we do however ensure we provide comprehensive and neutral feedback to make an informed decision.

Why should we use an external consultancy to conduct an audit and not an in-house team?

Using external consultants guarantees feedback that is objective and not in any way prejudiced. Furthermore our lack of affiliation to the various stakeholders allows the opportunity to gather positive and negative feedback while ensuring anonymity.

I am the product expert, how will you manage to create the tools for us?

At KSL we believe in working alongside our client to ensure synergy in our efforts. Our expertise coupled with the expert product knowledge and data of our clients is well positioned to translate technical information into the required tool.

Our product range is vast with hundreds of products across several categories, how will your team manage this task with specific reference to timelines?

KSL is a full team of industry experts equipped with the knowledge and experience to manage multiple projects simultaneously. An integral part of our process includes a project brief and discussion during which a predefined timeline is agreed upon by all parties.

Are the technical sales tools a package deal or are we allowed to select a specific sales tool?

Each tool is designed to address various challenges an organisation may face. Each project is scoped and a specific tool is applied based on the current need as well as budget allocations.